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Put on some sunscreen, slip on your sneakers, and start warming up – time to check out everything that happened at SMASH!. All activities and events at SMASH! are free with your ticket purchase! Make the most of your weekend and dive straight in!

* Maid Cafe is in a different playing field; you will need to book a table on the day and pay for your food separately – but we guarantee it’s a home-run-worthy menu!

Amazing GuestS

DJ Haru, DJ Cosplayer
DJ HaruDJ Cosplayer
Gale, Cosplayer
Kiyo, Cosplayer
Kimitoshi Yamane, Mecha Designer
Kimitoshi YamaneMecha Designer
Hayashi Yuu, Voice Actor
Hayashi YuuVoice Actor
Kore Yamazaki, Manga Artist
Kore YamazakiManga Artist
Fuwawa Abyssgard, hololive English
Fuwawa Abyssgardhololive English
Mococo Abyssgard, hololive English
Mococo Abyssgardhololive English
Noriyaro, YouTuber
Shu Uchida , Voice Actress
Shu Uchida Voice Actress
Swallowtail, Butler Opera Group
SwallowtailButler Opera Group

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