Meeting your favourite sports star might get your heart pumping, but what about seeing the faces behind your waifus and husbandos? Does it excite you to find out how your favourite manga, anime, and stories are created? How can you not take a selfie with your idol cosplayer if you had the chance?

Get pumped up! Every year, SMASH! invites international guests to Sydney for the con, including voice actors and actresses from popular anime, directors, artists, cosplayers and more! Not only that, you can see them at a SMASH! Guest Event, or bring a trophy home in the form of an autograph.

Your questions are what our guests look forward to and love hearing from their fans! So… if you have a question you want answered, fill out our form below!

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DJ Haru, DJ Cosplayer
DJ HaruDJ Cosplayer

We’re welcoming DJ Haru, a Singapore-based Cosplayer, Streamer and DJ.

Being multi-talented, DJ Haru is known for her elegant yet edgy portrayal of both female and male characters, like the queen Makima from ‘Chainsaw Man’ and handsome Xielian from Heaven’s Official Blessing.

With over 399,000 Facebook followers and over 204,000 Instagram fans, DJ Haru has captured the hearts of many with her creative Cosplay and DJ skills which she has been putting into practice since 2016. And to stay connected with her coriander company, she frequently streams as well!

DJ Haru has made appearances as a guest at conventions all over the world, including Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and more, and SMASH! is excited to add Sydney to this growing list!

Check out DJ Haru’s Website | X (Twitter) | Twitch | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

Notable Cosplays

Childe, Genshin Impact
ChildeGenshin Impact
Himeno, Chainsaw Man
HimenoChainsaw Man
Blade, Honkai Star Rail
BladeHonkai Star Rail
Himeko, Honkai Star Rail
HimekoHonkai Star Rail

    Gale, Cosplayer

    We’re welcoming Gale, as a special guest at SMASH! 2024!

    Hailing from New York, Gale is a content creator with captivating TikTok videos and impressive cosplay transformations!

    Whether it's recreating iconic looks from anime, video games, movies or even mascots from fast food chains, Gale's cosplay creations never fail to impress his audience and fellow followers

    Check out Gale’s YouTube | Instagram | X | Tiktok!

    Notable Cosplays

    Lyney, Genshin Impact
    LyneyGenshin Impact
    Howl, Howls Moving Castle
    HowlHowls Moving Castle
    Neuvillette, Genshin Impact
    NeuvilletteGenshin Impact

      Kiyo, Cosplayer

      We’re welcoming a full-time Singaporean cosplayer, meme queen and streamer, who will be gracing our event with her presence and insights! Get ready to absorb her wealth of knowledge and enriching experience and be inspired by her 10-year cosplay journey and experiences.

      You may recognise her from her graceful accuracy with her cosplays such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact and many more!

      We hope you are as excited as Kiyo as she hopes to spread joy to 2024’s SMASH!

      Check out Kiyo's | X | Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok here!

      Notable Cosplays

      Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach
      Rangiku MatsumotoBleach
      Houshou Marine, hololive
      Houshou Marinehololive
      Reina, TEKKEN 8
      ReinaTEKKEN 8
      Ryuuge Kisaki, Blue Archive
      Ryuuge KisakiBlue Archive

        Kimitoshi Yamane, Mecha Designer
        Kimitoshi YamaneMecha Designer

        We’re welcoming Kimitoshi Yamane (公利 山根 ), who is a prolific Mechanical Designer for anime in a wide range of genres, robots, machinery, and spaceships. He began his career with mechanical design for the anime series Bubblegum Crisis and has since contributed his talents to many popular series such as the upcoming Netflix film Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance, The 08th MS Team, Hathaway, Gundam Seed, Cowboy Bebop and Vision of Escaflowne, among others!

        Hayashi Yuu, Voice Actor
        Hayashi YuuVoice Actor

        We’re welcoming Hayashi Yuu to SMASH! 2024!

        He is the voice actor behind memorable characters such as: Ryunosuke Tanaka (Haikyuu!!), Manjiro “Mikey” Sano (Tokyo Revengers) and Takuma Ino (Jujutsu Kaisen), just to name a few!

        He formed the musical group SCREEN mode in 2013, performing the opening and ending themes for anime Tokusatsu shows such as: Gingitsune and Bungo Stray Dogs.

        Witness his vocal prowess and meet him in person at this year’s SMASH! !

        Kore Yamazaki, Manga Artist
        Kore YamazakiManga Artist

        Introducing our next Guest of 2024, we welcome Kore Yamazaki!

        Writer and illustrator of the popular anime series - The Ancient Magus’ Bride. This series has been adapted into a stage play in Japan and has been a popular series on Crunchyroll. She also has written other series, such as Futari no Renai Shoka, The Frau Faust series and The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Light Novel).

        Kore enjoys drawing and treasures being a manga artist! In an interview done by Crunchyroll, ‘She hopes to be a manga artist to the end!’

        It is a privilege to have an upcoming manga author and we hope you all are excited as we are. Who is your favourite character in the series?

        Check out more of her amazing works here!

        Notable Works

        Hatori and Elias, The Ancient Magus' Bride
        Hatori and EliasThe Ancient Magus' Bride

          Fuwawa Abyssgard, hololive English
          Fuwawa Abyssgardhololive English

          Introducing the final guests of 2024, Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard otherwise known as the ’Twin Demonic Guard Dogs’ of hololive English!

          "How about we get you all nice and fluffy~?"

          Fuwawa is the fluffy older twin sister of The Demonic Guard Dogs, who were sealed away in The Cell for being a pain in the godly behind, Fuwawa Abyssgard is "The Fluffy One."

          Her duty is to calmly look after her younger twin sister Mococo and their pet Pero, but that calmness can be short-lived. Ultimately, she is a bouncy and boisterous girl who loves to chat and play!

          Check out Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard’s I Website I YouTube | X (Twitter)

          Mococo Abyssgard, hololive English
          Mococo Abyssgardhololive English

          As announced by @bofospodcast, our final guests of 2024, FuwaMoco, otherwise known as the ’Twin Demonic Guard Dogs’ of hololive English!

          "Ehehe, it's play time, whether you're ready or not!"

          The fuzzy younger twin sister of The Demonic Guard Dogs, who were sealed away in The Cell for being a pain in the godly behind, Mococo Abyssgard is "The Fuzzy One."

          The rambunctious Mococo spent all her time imprisoned watching anime and playing games, often roping her older twin sister Fuwawa and their pet Pero in for more chaotic antics. It's rumored that she took part in the prison break just for the heck of it.

          Check out Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard’s I Website I YouTube | X (Twitter)

          Swallowtail, Butler Opera Group
          SwallowtailButler Opera Group

          Since 2006, Swallowtail Butler Cafe has been the pinnacle of an experience through its service and philosophy. It brings together the aesthetics of Victorian aristocracy and meticulous service to provide a comforting and regal experience.

          The butlers eagerly anticipate your return from a busy day, ready to offer you a moment of relaxation with a cup of tea. Besides their renowned hospitality, the butlers also excel in staging musical performances for the lady's enjoyment. This talented Opera Group presents operettas, concerts, and participates in public events. Beyond their exceptional service, the butlers showcase their artistic talents to bring joy and smiles. Over the past decade, they have produced and performed numerous works, releasing over a dozen CDs and DVDs.

          Swallowtail Butler Opera Group’s dedication and ability is exemplary; SMASH! Maid Cafe has the pleasure of bringing back such quintessential butlers to SMASH! 2024.