Props Policy

SMASH! Inc. defines a prop as any item which is large or heavy enough to cause harm to other attendees or property, or any item that resembles a weapon.

Props that are over 1.5m in length and/or are worn as part of a cosplay or costume (wings, body armour, etc.) exceeding a 50 cm radius around the body will not be allowed into the Event Space.

Collapsible props will be measured at their full length. They may be allowed into the venue on the condition that they are not assembled again indoors. Please note that this is largely dependent on the individual characteristics of the prop, and SMASH Inc reserves the right to determine whether or not your collapsible prop will be allowed into the venue.

All swords or props within a sheath will be checked with the sheath on AND off but will be measured with the sheath ON. If a sword or prop outside of the sheath is deemed in breach of the SMASH! Props Policy, it will not be permitted into the Event space, regardless of the safety of the sheath (e.g. a metal sword inside a protective sheath).

Firearms must comply with specified directives for carrying in public - e.g. non-firing, plastic, could not be mistaken for a real firearm and clearly displaying a cap on the end showing this (orange in colour). Firearms not meeting criteria will be refused entry and, depending on the style, may be referred to ICC security for further action and potential referral to authorities. This policy applies to any attendee, irrespective of whether the individual carrying has a permit to do so. The definition of a firearm extends to any device that can launch a projectile, devices such as compound bows and archery items are not excluded from this policy.

Entering the Event Space & Prop Tagging

Upon entering the Event Space, all props will be checked by SMASH! staff. If deemed necessary, staff may direct attendees to visit the Props Check desk.

If your prop is deemed harmless and complies with the SMASH! Props Policy, it will be tagged as acceptable and you will be permitted to carry it with you inside the Event Space. If your prop does not comply with the SMASH! Props Policy, you will NOT be permitted to enter the Event Space with the prop.

All props will be checked to ensure that they meet with the SMASH! Props Policy; however, if we later find any props to be dangerous or inappropriate, attendees will be required to follow the direction of SMASH! staff.

If you wish to store your props, you may use the complimentary ICC cloaking service at both Customer Service desks located on the ground floor of the Convention Centre and Level 2 of the Exhibition. This cloaking service is run by ICC Sydney. SMASH! will not be responsible for any losses or damages to any props or items checked into the cloakroom. Depending on the volume of requests into the cloakroom, there may be a specified SMASH! cloakroom that can be used for the storing of props. Props deemed dangerous and against SMASH! and ICC weapons policies will not be permitted to be cloaked and must be stored external to the venue.

Staying Outside

This policy is only applicable within the premises of the Event Space. “Outside” includes the ICC hallways. If you choose to stay outside the Event Space, the ‘1.5m prop length rule’ and the ’50cm body radius rule’ will not apply. In public spaces, you must follow NSW laws and regulations.

Unacceptable Props

Below are some examples of props that will not be allowed at SMASH! under any circumstances:

  • Metal-bladed or edged props such as knives, swords, axes, martial arts equipment, etc. – regardless of how blunt they are.
  • Firearms, including blank firearms, air guns, BB guns and gel blasters.
  • Imitation firearms that do not have an orange tip.
  • Items that shoot a projectile, even with an orange tip. Any projectiles must be removed prior to the convention to be allowed in and any toy or prop gun must be checked upon entry.
  • This includes projectile weapons such as NERF blasters and toys.
  • Glass props.
  • Incendiaries or anything that produces a live flame, explosion (explosives), or spark.
  • Liquid dispensing props.
  • Remote control props.
  • Chains that can be used as a weapon.
  • Heavy-weight wooden props.
  • Masks or face coverings that cannot be removed on request.
  • Skates, roller-blades, skateboards or any other similar wheeled items.
  • Items that look like a weapon in the opinion of the security or SMASH! Inc. This includes bags or props with compartments.
  • Signage that contains words and/or images that are associated with or alluding to services of a monetary nature.
  • Signage or items that contain words and/or images of sexual, violent or illegal nature.
  • Any item that SMASH Inc, security, the venue, or the law deems illegal or overly harmful.
  • Misuse or un-safe use of any prop that may put attendees at risk of injury, will result in the prop being deemed unsafe. If a weapon or prop is deemed unsafe for the event due to misuse, it will be removed.
  • Weapons will not be accepted under any circumstances and, depending on the situation will be confiscated or handed to security. Accepted Props must follow NSW laws and regulations – if it’s not allowed on any form of public transport, it is not allowed at SMASH!. If you disagree, you will be asked to leave and, if needed, escorted off the premises.

If you are found to be harbouring a prop that breaches the SMASH! Props Policy or is deemed harmful by SMASH Inc., security, or the venue, you will be asked to leave the event proximity immediately. If you refuse, you will be escorted off the premises.

If the prop is illegal, it will be taken by security and dealt with in accordance with the NSW laws and regulations. If you refuse, you will be escorted off the premises.