SMASH! Karaoke Room returns in 2024 to provide the classic Karaoke experience. Our room will be equipped with a Karaoke system that includes a variety of songs from Anime, J-Pop, Vocaloids, VTubers, K-Pop, Western songs and more!

And the best part? It’s completely free!

Themed hours!

  • On each day of SMASH! A session (1 hour) will be allocated for a special themed session!
  • You can only sing the song that matches the theme.
  • Saturday's theme will be songs by the rock band FLOW!
  • Sunday’s theme will be K-Pop!
  • You can sign up anytime before the themed hour commences.


  • Romanji lyrics. No need to worry about not being able to read Japanese!
  • We have a curtain for you to sing behind for those who want to value privacy or are simply shy of the audience!
  • We also have some masks if you still want to go on the stage, but still want to hide your face!

Karaoke Room Rules

  • Each slot will be allocated 5 minutes of singing time
  • There will be 10-12 slots per hour
  • You are allowed to sing a duet with a friend!
  • No photography is allowed without express permission.

Venue Rules

  • No loitering at the entrance but, feel free to come in and watch!
  • No eating in the room. Feel free to bring in a water bottle to make sure you are hydrated after singing!

Operational Rules

  • Each session will operate for 1 hour.
  • Please come to the Karaoke room on the day to sign up.
  • Sign up for the next session is open 1 hour prior to the session start time. If there’s an empty slot during an ongoing session, you can sign up for that slot.
  • Example: If you want to sing at 2pm - 3pm session, you can sign up from 1pm.
  • For the first hour of the convention, you can sign up and sing immediately.
  • You are allowed to sign up for up to 2 slots (10 minutes = 2 songs) in an hour. If you want to sing more, please sign up for the next available session.
  • If attendees fail to arrive at the allocated time slot, it will be given to the next allocated person, however, you may sign up again for a different time slot.