Cosplay Stamp Rally

The Cosplay Stamp Rally is a new event that will take place around the cosplay department area. Go to the Cosplay Area to collect a stamp rally sheet and a team member will explain the game rules.

The sheets for Saturday and Sunday will be different and there will be limited amounts for each day.

Attendees can play on both days but cannot use the same sheet or photos.


  1. Participate or take a photo at each booth in the Cosplay Area to receive a stamp from the exhibitor or Cosplay team.
  2. Take a photo with a cosplayer dressed from any series on the stamp rally sheet.
  3. Visit the Cosplay Booth to have any photos checked and sheet stamped.
  4. Be the one of the first participants to collect all stamps to win a prize!

Please keep in mind: Cosplay is not consent!

You must ask cosplayers for permission to have their photo taken and explain that you are participating in the stamp rally event. Do not hassle or pressure any cosplayers into taking a photo.

Please follow the SMASH! Code of Conduct on filming and photography