illustris Models and Printing

After a cosplay prop or accessory but can't find one anywhere? Looking to spruce up a pre-purchased cosplay with new bling? 😎

Searching for someone to 3D print those files you just bought online for an exciting new cosplay? Look no further than Illustris Models & 3D Printing, your cosplay 3D printing specialists! 🀩 Founded in 2019, Illustris Models 3D model props and accessories from scratch specifically for use in cosplay, theatre and more!

Illustris Models endeavours to make cosplay accessible and affordable to cosplayers both in Australia and worldwide! πŸ‘€

Servicing thousands of cosplayers and sponsoring cosplay events such as SMASH!, Comic Gong, Cosplay Market Convention, the Cosplay Tutorial Challenge (and many more!), we are passionate about empowering cosplayers, layer by layer.

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