Hayashii Yuu (VA) Signings!

Who else is excited for Hayashi Yuu? 🤩

Hayashi Yuu will be joining us for the weekend with his full schedule for both signings and panels at SMASH! 2024 is available below! 😍⬇

Saturday 20th July
11:30AM-1PM: Signings ✍
2-3PM: Panels 🎤

Sunday 21st July
12:30PM-2PM: Signings ✍
3-4PM: Panels 🎤

😎 Make sure you take the chance to go say hello to Hayashi Yuu at SMASH! 2024, and more information about signing tokens will be available soon.

Get your tickets to SMASH! 2024 now! ⏰