April Foolz

Need a cure for all your pre-con insomnia and sleepless nights? Introducing the brand new SMASH! Snugglers! to SMASH! away the pre-con worries, anxieties and sleepless nights! 😴

These pillows promise you the best sleep during your con-crunch and late nights in the lead up to SMASH! 2024. It's time to get back the feeling of being fully rested for 8 hours! 🀭

SUper Charge - Smart enhanced, slumber heaven, sonic charge✨Be ready for the con-weekend!

SU - Revival, magical, quick naps πŸš€ Get that quick nap for a burst of energy!

Classic - Con-cruncher saviour, antibacterial, best neck support 🐼 When its time to really rest up after theSMASH! 2024 (or every other day!)