SMASH! Mascots

A long time ago, before the age of Akira, a pair of twins silently arrived on Earth. Cyrus and Skadi are the 27th Prince and Princess of a small green planet in the Ota Kuu galaxy, called Sumashcomianganimelis (or “Smash” for short.) The twins received a special mission from the King of Cosmos, to spread the unique culture of the Ota Kuu galaxy to other planets and promote future tourism to their galaxy.

It wasn’t going to be an easy mission, and they soon realised they had no idea where to start! The two traveled to Earth, curious about this small green and blue planet. Little did they realise that everywhere they went, they left a piece of their culture with the people they met and the places they visited. Images and encounters which would inspire many artists, writers and animators for years to come. Far beyond their expectations, the mission became very successful.

The twins decided to tour around the world to investigate the secret behind their success. Unfortunately, they were separated and lost their way in Australia; how would they find each other now? Having lost contact with each other, Skadi soon thought of a plan to find Cyrus: if she could organise an event that could gather all the anime related people and objects in Australia, Cyrus would be there too!

She named the event SMASH!, after the planet they lived in, so Cyrus would know he could find Skadi there.


The SMASH! mascots were designed back in 2007 for our first convention, and have stayed with us ever since. It’s always been a pleasure to watch them evolve and be interpreted by different artists along the way.


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Defining visual traits

  • Glasses
  • ス Headphones
  • Puff sleeves
  • Dresses / skirts and tall boots


Skadi exudes an energetic and confident persona.
She is always eager to explore and engage in new adventures, with a headstrong attitude that helps her overcome any obstacles that come her way.

Skadi has a unique connection with animals, particularly fish, and is always captivated by the vibrant and colorful marine life she encounters on her travels.

When Skadi and Cyrus arrive on a new planet, her first destinations are usually the beach, an aquarium, a music festival, or an art gallery. She has a vast collection of illustration books that she proudly displays back on their home planet and always takes the time to collect postcards to send to the friends they make on their Journey.

Skadi’s love for music is unparalleled. She has an eclectic taste and enjoys listening to all kinds of music.
She is also a skilled musician and plays several unique instruments from both Earth and various alien planets.

Skadi’s headphones are her constant companion, providing a way to escape into her own world of music and acting as a useful muffler when Cyrus is creating loud noises while working on his projects.


Defining visual traits

  • Eyepatch
  • ス belt
  • Scarf
  • Regular length jacket


Cyrus is the more mischievous and curious of the twin siblings. He possesses an insatiable thirst for
knowledge and a deep fascination with the mysteries of the universe. Cyrus is always eager to explore and
discover new things, often leading the way on their adventures.

Cyrus is rarely seen without his notebook and pocket investigation kit. He is always jotting down notes and observations, eager to learn as much as he can about the places they visit. However, sometimes his
inquisitiveness can get the best of him, causing him to wander off on his own.

In addition to his love of exploration, Cyrus is also an inventive thinker. He has a passion for experimenting and creating new things, always seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible. He has a particular fascination with Earth vehicles and has taken a liking to the Vespa.

Cyrus’s boundless curiosity and inventive spirit drive him to constantly explore and experiment, making him an invaluable asset on their journey through the universe.