Meeting your favourite sports star might get your heart pumping, but what about seeing the faces behind your waifus and husbandos? Does it excite you to find out how your favourite manga, anime, and stories are created? How can you not take a selfie with your idol cosplayer if you had the chance?

Get pumped up! Every year, SMASH! invites international guests to Sydney for the con, including voice actors and actresses from popular anime, directors, artists, cosplayers and more! Not only that, you can see them at a SMASH! Guest Event, or bring a trophy home in the form of an autograph for no extra cost!



Our guest lineup for 2020



Known as one of the pioneers of Anime YouTube, Gigguk makes videos about the world of anime. Starting his YouTube channel in 2006, his humour, video editing, and satirical view and reviews on anime has garnered him over 2 million subscribers. His most popular videos are parodies of anime called ‘Anime in Minutes’.

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Voice Actress | YouTuber

Sydsnap is a voice actress and YouTuber, well known for her voice acting roles as Misato from Gigguk’s ‘EvAbridged’ parody series, and Kaori from the visual novel, ‘Ace Academy’. As a YouTuber who started in 2007, she creates lewd & odd YouTube videos covering absurd content from manga, light novels, visual novels, and more. While many are afraid to cover the more ‘ecchi’ or erotic anime content, Sydsnap does not shy away from talking about any of the details. Ara-ara~

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