‘Fruits Basket -prelude-’ Screening

‘Fruits Basket -prelude-’ Screening

Before there was Tohru and Kyo – there was Katsuya and Kyoko. Discover the turbulent beginning of Tohru’s mom’s dark past, and the man who breathed new hope into her. Watch the evolution of their love story and the birth of the Honda family, as this chapter completes the full adaptation of the heartwarming Fruits Basket story.


‘Fruits Basket -prelude-’ is the canon anime prequel story based on the ‘Fruits Basket’ manga series by Natsuki Takaya. The story focuses on Tohru Honda’s parents, Kyoko and Katuya, and includes an epilogue set after the main events of the series.


Don’t miss out on seeing the long-awaited closure to the highly beloved reboot! This will be the ONLY TIME the film will be shown in cinemas in Sydney, so don’t miss out!

Come along to see an exclusive SMASH! 2022 screening on Sunday 17 July 2022 at 10AM at the Pyrmont Theatre.

Only available to SMASH! 2022 Weekend and Sunday Pass holders, which have unfortunately been sold out.

Queueing & Entry Information

Attendees will be able to redeem their Sunday SMASH! Entry passes at Pyrmont Theatre prior to being seated commencing 9:30am Sunday 17 July 2022. Please come through to the Level 2 Concourse through to the Pyrmont Theatre entry where SMASH! Staff & crew will direct you. Please let them know you are heading to the Fruits Basket prelude screening at the Pyrmont Theatre.