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Feel like you can improve SMASH!? Want to do something completely new at SMASH!? Want to change just one thing to make SMASH! even better for the community?

Here at SMASH Inc, we want to help your idea come to life! That’s why we’re introducing  SMASH! Town Hall! SMASH! Town Hall is where the whole community (not just staff members and volunteers!) come together to share and pitch their very ideas. You submit your idea for SMASH!, either through text or other forms of multimedia and you tell us why your idea should be chosen.

After submissions close, we will go through every idea till we go to our final few great ideas. If you are lucky enough to reach this far, we will ask you to further describe your idea. Show yourself and sell the idea as hard as you can! From there, once we have gone through them, we will choose the one idea which is great and attractive!

And if you are ‘the chosen one’ along with your great idea, we will support you and your idea and give you funds and resources to make sure your idea will flourish. This could be you! What are you waiting for?

Submissions are closed! 

What type of Ideas do you accept?

We accept all ideas! Your ideas don’t have to be about making a new event! It could be from implementing new systems that make event run better, to an idea that could benefit the whole anime/manga community for years to come!

Who can pitch their ideas?