Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups and Clubs are all not-for-profit organisations and range from university clubs to local groups and fan collectives. From selling items to performing, or just engaging in like minded fans, there is a place for everyone. We also have a number of Indie Game Developers who showcase their latest works at SMASH!

SMASH! enjoys working together with Community Groups & Clubs and Indie Game Developers.

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Club or Community Group Stall

anime@UTS is dedicated to providing members a selection of the latest Japanese animation on screen, as well as a community giving opportunity for students from different UTS faculties to meet and socialise.

AnimeMQ is the only place to go for all things anime and Japanese pop culture in Macquarie University!


As one of the largest active anime communities in Sydney, we pride ourselves with bringing like-minded people together and creating a place to build friendships that last a lifetime.Here, we welcome any and all in the anime community, whether you are just getting started with your first anime or you have 16 dakimakuras in your room. We certainly have a place for you. Our goal is to create a safe environment for anime lovers to enjoy anime and all things related, including but not limited to manga, drawing, gaming, cosplay, and music! Our society hosts various activities like art, gaming, and screening sessions, as well as free barbecues, every week. You can find out about our events in our events page linked above.
Ashi – Lake of Light

Ashi – Lake of Light is a relaxing, abstract puzzle game in which you visualise and discern the correct path. Ignite the correct candles to guide the firefly, who carries the light through the Tori gates.
Boomerang Fu

Play an exclusive preview of Boomerang Fu, the party game that lets you slice and dice your friends with boomerangs.
BORK! Game

NoodleBox Games presents BORK! The Game. A fast fun tabletop card game, featuring wonderfully cute dogs and digging for bones.


About DelusionalDelusional is a developer of interactive Visual Novels (VN) focusing on the genre of Josei Romance in Otome games, a Romance Dating Simulation for the female audience.
Drawing Circle

UTS Drawing Circle is a society where students can share the joy of drawing, challenge themselves in various media, be travelling artists, make friends, and create art. From developing art skills and knowledge to playing Pictionary, UTS Drawing Circle is passionate about bringing out students’ creativity.

Uppon Hill is a local one-man studio currently developing Insignia. The debut title is a 16-bit ARPG that unites classic pixel art graphics with a charming fantasy story, lovable characters and tight action gameplay.

Play Keybirds, an upcoming rhythm-typing game for PC. Put your typing skills to the test as you swoop into a colourful world of talking birds, and tap your way through groovy original tunes in a musical slice of life adventure.
Massive Monster

Awoken by a nuclear blast, this colossal game-making monstrosity flattens entire cities underfoot, bringing gaming armageddon to all mankind!
No Moss Studios

No Moss Studios growing our people, our craft, & our players. Come join us at our booth to try “Beam Team”, a frantic 1-4 player couch co-op planet destroying game. Survive the onslaught. Rescue your teammates. Fight back against the planet.
Nomnivore Games

At Nomnivore Games Inc., we want to break the mould of traditional tabletop gaming. Based in Ontario, Canada, our independent atelier and game design studio features an international team of all-star enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds – including theatre, film, comics, therapy, and statistics – that allows us to approach game design from a fresh, lateral perspective that still respects the established rules of design and the rich history of the genre. We don’t want to get rid of the past. We simply want to push the industry forward with games and services that make tabletop gaming more fun, more engaging, and more welcoming.Emberwind and the RISE system are our attempt to realize that vision. We want gaming to be more inclusive, with more diverse casts of characters that go beyond only the tried and true western medieval fantasy settings.More importantly, we want to empower players to create those worlds for themselves. With the RISE system, we’ve crafted some of the most epic and impossible fantasy settings we could dream up, but we can’t even begin to imagine the kinds of worlds that you could dream up. That’s why Nomnivore was founded to be far more than a simple design studio. We love imagination and cooperation. As we turn our game over to the community, we will continue to provide support and tools that will allow your creativity to flourish!So please come find and meet us. We would love a chance to speak with you and welcome you into our community!

Fold the world to find your identity in Qinoto, the award winning Folding storybook puzzle game. Help Qinoto the little fox discover the truth about herself as you crease and fold the world like paper to uncover hidden secrets and mysteries.

Sydney University Anime Society (´。• ᵕ •。`) ~~ come visit us for a chat -desu ~
Sydney Gaymers

Sydney Gaymers is an inclusive non-profit community for geeks, gamers, and allies no matter their gender or sexual orientation. We focus on three monthly events, giving gamers of all stripes an opportunity to come together in a safe space to make new friends, discover new interests, or share their hobbies with like-minded folks.

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