Online Art ‘Themed’ Competition

Online Art ‘Themed’ Competition

SMASH! Online Art Competition 2022: Bunkasai


Maid cafes? Haunted houses? The classic Romeo and Juliet play? Or a chaotic mix of everything?

You can make our SMASH! mascots do anything (PG) in our SMASH! Themed Art Competition, as long as it falls into this year’s theme, Bunkasai!

A ‘bunkasai’, otherwise known as a cultural festival, is a time for Japanese schools and universities to celebrate and showcase the students’ interests and talents, but is also a time for everyone to have fun and let loose.

Illustrated entries of all mediums are accepted, so sharpen those pencils, plug in thoese tablets and remember to hit save regularly! It’s time to amaze us with your imaginations for the SMASH! 2022 Themed Art Competition!


Grand Prize

  • Artist 12 (2nd Gen)-Standard Edition (350)
  • School Idol Project – Riko Sakurauchi – Super Special Series Figure
  • Good Smile Company Riza Hawkeye (906) – Full Metal Alchemist
  • Mushroom Cat Plushie

Traditional Art Winner

  • Deco L Graphic Tablet
  • Copic Multiliner SP Sets
  • Snow Miku 2012 Acrylic Keychain
  • Fina Puchieete Figure

Traditional Art Runner-up

  • Derwent Metallic Pencils 20th Anniversary Set
  • Final Fantasy – Batz Klauser – Big Acrylic Key Chain
  • Demon Slayer Inoseke Bobble

Digital Art Winner

  • Artist 12 (2nd Gen)-Standard Edition
  • Love Life Takami Chika Anime Figurine
  • World of Final Fantasy – Tama Static Arts Mini Figure
  • Frog Cat

Digital Art Runner-up

  • Deco L Graphic Tablet
  • Tokidoki – Cactus Pets Blind Box
  • TeeTurtle Minis Pineapple


Submissions close Sunday 17 July 2022, 12pm


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