3D Art Competition

3D Art Competition

Hey everybody!

We would like first and foremost, welcome everyone back to another weekend at the ICC for another exciting convention! Another year, another SMASH!, and another… competition?!

That’s right! We are super excited to announce the brand new themed 3D Art competition and we are crazy excited about what everybody can come up with!

So for 2023, we are super excited to reveal that the concept for the first 3D arts competition will be…


With the moon being such a universal and beautiful symbol, we are really looking forward to how everyone plans to represent this idea in their pieces, whether it be figuratively or literally!

How to Participate

Terms and Conditions
Fill out form
  • You can use any tools and workflows you like to create and surface your artworks.
  • Remember to take screenshots as you go!
  • Once you’ve created your artworks, upload them to SketchFab, hashtag them #smashcon3dartcomp2023

Submit only new and original artwork

Who Can Participate?

  • This competition is for everyone of all ages!
  • A single applicant may submit multiple entries.

SMASH! Staff and Crew are allowed to enter their works in any of the Art competitions; however, under no circumstances will special consideration be given to any entrant during the judging and selection process.

Contest Period

The 3D arts competition will run from

5th May 12:00pm ~ 1st July 11:59pm

Piece Requirements

  • Use ONE or BOTH of the SMASH! mascots in your submission.
  • The models can be either static or animated.
  • Must incorporate the concept of MOON within the piece!

Participants will be required to both 3D Model and Surface the artwork.


  • Prizes to be awarded to one Winner and one Runner-up, provided by our proud sponsors:
    • (To Be Announced)
  • Prizes are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash.
  • The Organiser and Sponsors reserve the right to substitute the prizes, or a component of the prize, with another product of equal or greater value at any time without prior notice.
  • All entrants who wish to receive SMASH! Art Competition prizes MUST have a postal address within Australia.
    • If an Australian mailing address cannot be provided, the applicant will not be eligible to receive prizes from our competitions.
  • Winners must collect their prizes at the Art Info Desk by the end of con on Sunday after the winner announcements.
  • If the Prize can not be collected, it will be posted to the winner’s address written on the entry form.

List of Prizes

Prizes are yet to be announced so stay tuned for what awesome things you could win!

Judging Criteria

The submissions will be evaluated on the originality, quality and overall impression and appeal of the Piece.

  • Originality reflects the Participants’ ability to approach the theme yet create details in a unique manner.
  • Quality includes detail and precision demonstrated in creating elements, composition, lighting, and overall mood of the artwork.
  • The overall impression takes into consideration composition, modelling, texturing, technical difficulty, detail as well as overall appearance and impact of the work.

Winner Selection

  • There will be ONE winner and ONE runner-up selected who will be chosen by our guest Art Judges for 2023!
  • The Art Judges will review all entries after the competition deadline and hold individual voting sessions to choose the top entries.
  • The decisions of the Art Judges are final.
  • If the winner and runner up are deemed to be invalid for any reason, including but not limited to plagiarism, or not responding within forty-eight hours after being contacted by the SMASH! Art and Culture Team, alternative submissions may be selected as the winning entries.

Once you have completed the submission, you should receive a confirmation of submission in your email. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you out!

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing what crazy and bizarre creations everyone has in store for us!

WIP Examples

Don’t know where to start? Check out our WIP from our talented team that has put together some WIP to help out!

Check out the sketchfab here for reference!

If you need more inspiration go check out the great minds behind the WIPs at their socials!

Will Terry – Instagram | Website | LinkedIn
Carmen – Instagram | Twitter
Jean – Instagram | Artstation

Free Tools to Use

Feeling stuck without the right tools? Have a go at these!

Disclaimer: These products are not endorsed by SMASH! nor managed by SMASH!. Please ensure you read the product’s terms and conditions before use as SMASH! Will not be held liable for any product issues.

The products listed below are only suggestions of what you can use to help create your artwork. The applicants are free to use their own programs and workflows.

3D Programs:

2D Painting/Surfacing Programs:


Can I include models that I’ve made previously as part of my entry?

Of course! We are looking for strong compositions, and if you have models that are suitable for your scene, you may include them.

Can I use purchased/free/premade textures and surfaces?

Using existing textures and surfaces is permitted. We would also love to see you create some of your own as well!

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes! We highly recommend focusing on a single entry, but you’re welcome to submit multiple entries if you’d like.

Are teams allowed?

Yes! Prizes will be distributed to the account that posts the final submission; it is up to the members of the team to distribute winnings.

Can I watermark my renders?

You may add non-intrusive watermarking on any works in progress and publicly posted renders for social sharing, but no watermarking is allowed on the final submission sent to us.