Online AMV Competition 2020

Online AMV Competition 2020

Sponsored by Anime@Abbotsford

Whether you’re bingeing protein shakes to stay awake until 3am while watching hours of AMVs, or just using your creativity to edit an AMV yourself, we got you covered!

AMV stands for ‘Anime Music Video’ and are short, artistic, fan-made videos that involve the combination of an audio track with video footage from Japanese animation. These AMVs can vary from being emotional, heart-racing, humourous, to outrageous fun!

The SMASH! AMV Competition involves individuals from around the world, competing against each other with their self-made AMVs, while the rest of us get to watch them together on the big screen (or the small screen!).


Submissions for the 2020 AMV Competition have closed. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition! We are happy to announce the winners of the 2020 AMV Competition below.

This year, we accepted AMVs that were entered in other competitions and events (i.e. aside from SMASH!) as well as ones created just for this competition, as long as they were created and completed after 1 June, 2019. AMVs that were submitted for previous SMASH! AMV Competitions were not accepted.

These were the AMV Competition Rules and Submission Guidelines for this year.

Best Concept WINNER:

“Manic Melody” by BecauseImBored1

Judges’ Choice WINNER:

“Turbo Killer” by Khalid

True Blue WINNER:

“Entropy” by Alderwick

People’s Choice Award WINNER:

“Silver & Gold” by JSKing


Action WINNER:

“Conqueror” by Eric Ramirez

Action Runner-up:

“Manic Melody” by BecauseImBored1

Action Honourable Mentions:

“Go Beyond” by Elixir

“Slay Your Demons” by Pikapwn

“Kimetsu no Yaiba – Enemy” by Barryyy


Comedy/Parody WINNER:

“Diznee presents Kuroko’s Basketball” by Pikapwn

Comedy/Parody Runner-up:

“Once Upon a Time in Ganymede” by ZeonicFreak

Comedy/Parody Honourable Mentions:

“Just Vibin'” by Synæsthesia

“Wishing Apple” by DopplerDo

“TDCOBB” by WhiteRabbit


Drama/Sentimental WINNER:

“Mothbitten” by Troubleclef

Drama/Sentimental Runner-up:

“Confessions of a Justified Killer” by DopplerDo

Drama/Sentimental Honourable Mentions:

“Zonia” by Nekroz

“Everlasting” by Egnaro & Elixir

“Eternal Love” by Eric Ramirez



“Teenage Dream” by ValterRCP

Fun Runner-up:

“Happy Hour” by shorisquared

Fun Honourable Mentions:

“Dragon Dreamer” by Silent Hero Studios

“Bellecules – Family Muse” by WhiteRabbit

“Step On Up” by SasukeChanx


Horror/Psychologicial/Thriller WINNER:

“M A R A” by GK

Horror/Psychological/Thriller Runner-up:

“Entropy” by Alderwick”

Horror/Psychological/Thriller Honourable Mentions:

“Everything in its Right Place” by Prostrate Constantly”Night Sky” by Shizaya

“Night Sky” by Shizaya

“Count Dracula” by GiaQuando