SMASH! is sponsored by Illustris Models

SMASH! is sponsored by Illustris Models

Are you looking to bring your cosplay props and accessories to the next level?

@illustrismodels are your cosplay 3D printing specialists where you can purchase 3D printed kits or downloadable STL files and print from home. 🪄

They also have commissions open if you need something specific for your cosplay and cannot find it anywhere else. Over the years, they have become a trusted source of 3D-printed props and accessory kits for cosplay enthusiasts in Australia. 🥸

This year Illustris Models sponsored and created all the awards for the Cosplay Masquerade competition which looked absolutely amazing. 🏆

Explore their services and options now and shop their Mid-Season Sale to see how you can bring your creative vision to life with the help of the Illustris Models, who were also a sponsor for SMASH! 2023. Their sales end today, and they are giving all our fans 10% off their wide selection, just use the discount code ‘SMASH2023’ which can be used in conjunction with their sales! This discount code expires on 31st August 2023. 🎭

Shop now here!