Arts Sponsors Shoutout!

Arts Sponsors Shoutout!

A big shoutout to our amazing sponsors for making SMASH! such a fun and exciting experience! We are thrilled to express our deepest gratitude to this year’s sponsors.

@xppen, @animeatabbotsford, @soytoyclub, @uniqloaU, @Klookau, @rRabit, @sakimi.chan, @lillianna_au, @hobbymaniaz

This year has been a humongous success. Through your partnership, we have reached a wider audience and created such a fantastic experience for everyone at SMASH! We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work hand in hand with you 💪

Many thanks to our SMASH! sponsors @xppen, @animeatabbotsford, @soytoyclub, @uniqloaU, @Klookau, @rRabit, @sakimi.chan, @lillianna_au, @hobbymaniaz for their incredible generosity!

🌈 Our sponsors are the driving force behind our success and we cannot thank them enough for their support. Their support has given us the motivation to continue making SMASH! a thrilling experience for everyone.