Screenings Highlights from the AnimeLab and Hidive theatres.

Always wanted to watch your favourite anime films on the big screen? Just need a cinematic break before exploring more of SMASH! ? Come join us at one of the screening theatres! Below are some highlights of films that will be starring on screen during the weekend.


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take on Me

© 2016 Madman Entertainment

Location & time: AnimeLab Theatre Sat 12:00pm


Plot: Kyoto Animation’s film based on Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Take On Me has a new story following Yuuta and Rikka in their third year of high school.


Honeyworks: I’ve Always Liked You

© HoneyWorksMovie

Location & time: HIDIVE Theatre Sat 2:00pm


Plot: First in the HoneyWorks anime films. This romance film follows a group of high school friends learning about love, relationships, and how hard it is to confess your feelings.


Honeyworks: The Moment You Fall in Love

© HoneyWorksMovie

Location & time: HIDIVE Theatre Sun 12:00pm


Plot: The follow up second HoneyWorks film. This sequel follows related high school characters trying to figure out love and heartbreak, and how to show your crush how much you care.


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