Last guest for 2018 – Voice Actor Spike Spencer

Our last guest coming to SMASH! is Spike Spencer! 😉
Spike was the voice for Shinji Ikari in Evangelion (English Dub) and has voiced many other anime series including notable titles such as Pokemon, Bleach, DBZ Super, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Boruto, Black Butler and many many more.

Spike is also an author, including “How to Be A Frickin Genius Voice Actor, Step One” and “What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con?” Both of which he presents as panels at the con.
Spike is also an avid sailor, cook, traveler, enjoys a good bit of dancing from time to time and teaches voice acting around the globe
Visit his official websites:
If you are interested in learning the art of Voice Acting from Spike contact him at: